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Mr. MARANISS: Well, it was the first doping scandal. A Danish cyclist died during a road race, and it turned out that he'd had a taken some doping that affected his blood for that race. So everything that was to follow in terms of athletics and doping started with that moment. The old boy amateurism that had persisted in the Olympic movement for many decades was crumbling. German athlete Armin Hary was paid by Puma and Adidas, the shoe companies, to wear their shoes. And as we mentioned earlier, race and gender were transforming. So the world the modern world was coming into view. You know, the subtitle of my book, "The Olympics That Changed the World," is just a subtitle. I didn't write the book with that thesis in mind. I wrote the book as a series of stories and themes about the world stirring at that moment. And so that's the way I like to look at it, that you could see the modern world good and bad all coming into view in Rome in those 18 days.She intended to focus on the 1500m at the Cooks Classic but was mindful England born Kiwi Olympian Nikki Hamblin, of Waikato, or some Australian might make a move one day.Petty was disappointed with Rio, when taking into account her PB, but illness put paid to that although she felt privileged to be at the Games.With her gluten free diet she was mindful not to become too skinny but find a right balance.Her husband, Sam Petty, ran his first 800m in two years to finish sixth (1:53.90) in the Allan Potts Classic event on Saturday.Marshall felt she was a bit more reserved than last year."My plan was to sit on Angie but after the first 100 I thought I've started as the pacemaker so I might as well carry on," she said, happy but intending to tuck back behind Petty the next time."I thought I'd have her this year but, no, she's too strong. 2017 Coach Combination Meals New Official Store,100% Quality,$58 Sale