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What will we see, in between the lovingly crafted commercials for Budweiser (the tournament official brew, to the chagrin of all Germans), Adidas, Yahoo and MasterCard? We see a 32 team tournament with one overwhelming favorite, surrounded by a modest constellation of hopefuls, also rans, runners up and just glad to be heres. I didn follow the African qualification process, so I don quite know what sequence of fluke events got Angola here, but God love Each World Cup tournament has to include one team from way off the radar screen of world soccer, and this year the Black Antelopes (yes! that their nickname), representing a desperately poor country that been beset by civil war for 20 years, are it. Never mind winning a game; if the Angolans score a goal while they in , the whole world will cheer."Dason Youngblood is simply a winner. You can't argue with a starting guard on back to back state championship teams. He is one of those kids that coaches joke that they hate as an opponent but would love to have on their team. He has that X factor that every coach wants in his players that can't really be taught. He is an ultimate competitor and just knows how to win. He comes from a great family with quite the basketball legacy, and this kid has definitely added to that legacy. He is an explosive scorer. If he wants to get to the rim, there is really no stopping him. He developed his outside shot to a level that you would have to honor that as well. He has the ability to just simply put his team on his back and carry them to a win as evidenced by him scoring all 22 of his team's 22 points at half in our first meeting. He is an excellent passer. He sees the floor so well and just has the unique ability to find the right guy at the right time. He rebounds as good as any guard I've seen. He is a very good defender as well. He creates turnovers for the other team at a high percentage. Dason simply does it all! Rarely do you get a player that is so good on both sides of the ball. I know Jake is going to miss this kid like crazy!"100% Original 2017 Coach Combination Meals New,Up To 60% Off,100% Quality