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But are we protecting our children more than necessary?Compare their carefully shielded existences to the way most of us grew up and after all, jokes about the Dark Ages aside, most of us grew up in the perfectly civilized, enlightened era after Dr. Spock, vaccinations, and Sesame Street. Still, our children are more protected: Their playgrounds are set on padding, not concrete. As they grow, we hover closely. Gone are the days when grade schoolers ranged in informal packs around the neighborhood, untracked by any parental global positioning system. Am I saying I miss those days? Good heavens, no I want to know where my children are, and with whom, and I want to be sure they aren't playing ball in the street (as I did). I'm a pediatrician. You'll get no nostalgia from me for playgrounds that engender serious head trauma, or ball games that pause briefly for traffic. I don't for a minute long for the dear old adventurous days before car seats, bike helmets, or childproof caps on medication bottles. On the other hand, I think there are times when we extend our desire to protect our children from harm past all reason, sense, or hope of success.2017 Coach Combination Meals New Factory Price,100% Quality,$58 Sale