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Three years on, Jhonnie is a different person. "People ask me a lot, do I wish I could have Jhonnie back before the accident?. I could stand up and rave about the Johnnie who was the 34 year old CEO of an advertising agency and BRW Chairman of the Year. I don't think I valued or particularly respected those aspects of Jhonnie and what I know about him now. I think recovering from brain injury is probably as difficult as anyone would have to do. I'm kind of more impressed with that man than the very glib, successful, tall, pool playing terrific man I fell in love with. We met in advertising and there is nothing about advertising in the 80s that prepares you for a tragedy. I look back at those times of lemons stuck in the top of Mexican beers and think, what on earth did we complain about?"Big Discount 2017 Coach Combination Meals New Official Website,Save up to 60%,100% Quality